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Our current featured book is:

Ham Radio DX: A Complete Guide - How to go from Karaoke to a DXCC Rockstar / By: Lucas L. Ford, W6AER (Dec, 2022)

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A DX Book, to the Point.

Nearly 300 pages of information with over 100 photos and illustrations.

Book Contents Include but are not Limited to:

  • DXpeditions & DX Awards Overview
  • Getting Past Limitations to DXing
  • Focus on 160m to 6m DX
  • Blueprint for a DX Station - Hardware
  • Radios, Antennas and Everything in Between
  • Extensive Coverage of Computers & Requirements
  • Ham Radio Software Overview, Focus on DX
  • Separate Chapters on CW, Phone and Digital Operating
  • How to Bag the DX, Pileup Techniques for all 3 Modes
  • FT8: Setup, Operating, Etiquette, Support Software
  • Cleaning up your Signal & Dealing with RFI
  • How not to be a "Lid"
  • Ferrites, Low Band Antennas, Baluns & Grounding
  • Dealing with DX Challenges
  • When and Where to Work DX & Propagation
  • How to QSL, Manually and Digitally
  • Designing your QSL Card
  • Ham Radio Specific Glossary

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